Faith & Sport

Here at Athletes in Action we help athletes answer the question what does faith have to do with sport? How can faith and sport be integrated? If you are curious, come and explore what that could look like by checking out the resources below and connect with us. 


The Performance Factor

Regarding performance, there are four lessons we can learn from the All Blacks: the need to approach personal performance with an undergirding humility, a focus on incremental improvements, a clear strategy for our mental game, and the discovery of a higher purpose for our success.

Successful Studying

How would you like to have more fun at university? How would you like to get better grades? I can probably guess your answer to both of these questions. Who wouldn't want both? The problem is students often mistakenly believe that the two are mutually exclusive, meaning you can't have it both ways. Steve Douglass Disagrees.

Finding Balance in Life

As an athlete, living a 'balanced' life can be difficult. Author and Life Coach, Dr. Ron Jenson, maintains a balanced life by using 'the seven F's'. He encourages us to develop goals and specific categories for each one in order to authentically succeed, which is great advice!

Athletes in Action is a Christian based sports club on campus that help athletes take their passion, faith, and sport to new places. We’re always keen to chat about the physical, mental and spiritual sides of life to help you become a total athlete!

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