A Sports Camp Like No Other

Ever wonder “how do I find motivation, have a good attitude, have purpose, be a leader, have identity, persevere through tough times, and wins & loses? Ultimate Training Camp can help you understand and explore answers to these questions, therefore, providing a whole new outlook for life and competition.

The Ultimate Training Camp is a high intensity sports camp, designed to help you learn how to blend faith and sport together in a practical way. You will learn five Biblical principles in a classroom, immediately followed by labs where you play sport and explore for yourself.

Ultimate Training Camp concludes with a 24 hour team event, consisting of sports competition that push you beyond your limits and personally brings to life Biblical principles. You come away physically torn and spiritually reborn.

Ultimate Training Camp happens each year in November. So if this sounds like you be on the look out for registration later in the year. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.


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